The best cruises from the Philippines

There are 7197 islands in the Philippines, which form an attractive archipelago. This country has a particular geological structure. Tourism is well organized in the Philippines. With the cruises you will do, you will surely keep good memories. What then are the best cruises in this archipelago? The rest of this article edifies further.

The particularity of this archipelago?

The Philippines has several historical sites and museums. Even if some are in territories characterized by rugged relief and therefore dominance of rocky massifs, they still meet the expectations of tourists. Many places in this archipelago are among UNESCO World Heritage sites due to their historical past. Travel between cities does not take enough time, and the culinary art of the Philippines is renowned for the quality of the food on offer. The cuisine of this country is 100% traditional and is inspired by American, Chinese and Spanish cuisines. With so many islands, cruising gives you many options. The boats available for this purpose are well equipped. Your dives will be made in places well mastered by your guides. You will have to contemplate an abundant and varied, marine fauna.

The best cruises from the Philippines?

The ATLANTIS AZORES has several cabins. Once on board, discover the Apo Reef, the Visayas … Take cruises and dives in complete safety. Between June 1 and 19, 2021, with 3060 € take cruises, including discovery flights. During your dives, contemplate the thresher sharks that are in the fresh waters of the islands. Embark in the “PHILLIPINE SIREN” with 3068 € and carry out flights then dives during your cruises. Then, the « SEADOORS » is the only boat of French-speaking origin in the Philippines. It sails most of the year and gives you better times on your cruises. Remember that the different routes are made with the prevailing climate in the archipelagos. Finally, “NOORDAM” offers you 28 days on board in February 2022 with € 3,249. These boats are among many others that will make your vacation unforgettable.