What to discover in Madagascar?

This country is nicknamed by some geologists “eighth continent” because of its particular ecosystem. Many other aspects such as architecture, culture, relief, vegetation and wildlife make this country a destination that visitors expect. What to discover then in Madagascar? The answers in the rest of this article.

Why Madagascar?

Island of 587,000 m2 in area, Madagascar is characterized by the uniqueness of its ecosystem. The majority of the country’s plant species are no longer observable elsewhere in the world. Wet and dry forests all of tropical nature welcome you. The country has affordable and favorable seasons for visits, particularly from May to October. This drought is indeed characterized by mild weather even if the freshness is felt in the early morning and then at night. In addition, the special relief of this country and the wonderful architecture enhance the beauty of this island. As a tourist, what should you visit in this wonderful country in order to keep unforgettable memories? The following builds more for this purpose.

The attractive places of Madagascar

The architecture of Antananarivo, the country’s capital, will amaze you. It is indeed characterized by the mixture between traditional styles and colonies of France. You will have visited several cities, zoo, king’s palace and historical museums. There is in this city, the Madagascan reserve located in « Morondava » where the site « Tsingy de Benaraha » is located which is world heritage of UNESCO. This site will fascinate you with its forest full of brown lemurs, birds of several species and chameleons. Another national reserve is located in Diraina. There is the Marojeju Park with birds, reptiles, palm trees and ferns of 118, 149, 35 and 275 species respectively. Then in the northern region, find those looking for gold. Then several cliffs in the « Amber Cape » with the possibility of viewing whales. Finally, the island of Nosy Be is characterized by species of pepper, coffee and eucalyptus.