What to visit in Argentina?

Argentina is a country in South America, bounded to the east and then to the south by the Atlantic Ocean. It offers special geological characteristics and a good atmosphere in its towns. What makes this country attractive? What should you visit in this beautiful country? The answers through this article.

Elements that attract to Argentina

In Argentina, the beauty of the landscape and the generosity of its inhabitants are the first elements that make visitors happy. In addition, its cultural richness, its particular art and very widespread in the country are other elements. Geologically, there are very high peaks, extensive deserts, in short an attractive landscape. The climate of this country is more or less mild: any visitor from any origin will quickly adapt to it. As a visitor, tribes reserve your warm welcomes. A variety of animal and plant species are in its reserves like other Latin American countries. The culinary art is highly developed with a variety of meals, characterized by a mixture of dishes from other countries in the area. Finally, it should be noted, an appreciable and varied architecture.

What to visit in Argentina

Buenos Aires, very attractive city and capital of Argentina. It is full of “Puertas Carredas” which are bars and restaurants characterized by rich and varied dishes. The « Plaza Dorrego », a very old square in « Buenos Aires ». It has a perfect atmosphere on Sundays. As for the « Casa Rosada » which is the palace of the governors, its esplanade is animated in the evenings by restaurants of the city of « Palermo ». In addition, the impressive « Iguazu » falls are the meeting point of rivers with dense currents. One of them is the « Rio Iguazu » which winds through a forest and then falls in addition to two hundred and seventy roaring waterfalls. There is a varied flora then of parrot toucans. Then, in « Misiones » find four missions classified as « UNESCO World Heritage. » These are Nuestra Senora de Loreto, Santa Ana, San Ignacio and Santa Maria la Mayar. A tropical forest is present there where are the “guaranis” an indigenous tribe.