What to discover in Switzerland?

Are you passionate about ice sports? Do you want to discover a wonderful landscape and have a good vacation time? Switzerland is arguably one of the best destinations for this. What to discover then in Switzerland. The rest of this article provides some answers to this question.

Switzerland as the best destination

A country in central Europe and located in the east of France, Switzerland offers many wonders to tourists. First of all, its inhabitants show courtesy and generosity to anyone. Characterized by a relief dominated by mountains, and because of its climate like any country in Europe, Switzerland is the ideal place for sports. More particularly ice sports as well as several competitions. The cuisine of this country is special. If you adore good quality wines, you will taste them in restaurants which reserve you warm welcome. As a tourist, there are certain places you should visit and fully enjoy fascinating sports competitions on ice. What to discover then in Switzerland?

To discover in this wonderful country

“Valais” is a mountain region characterized by an attractive landscape. If you like skiing, “Martigny” has good resorts for you. In the latter there are a multitude of Alps which offer you several paths of about 500 kilometers that you can cover on foot or by bike. Then, the « Val d’Hémérence » is in a valley sheltering fascinating landscapes as well as a vast hydroelectric dam. That of « Grande-Dixence »: one of the most equipped in the world « . In addition, “Interlaken”, a region located between lakes “Brienz” and ”“ Thoume ”, is one of the priorities of tourists. Take the opportunity to admire the remains there. This place is ideal for discovery walks, climbing, rafting, cycling, mountaineering, bungee jumping, paragliding, canyoning … Ensure your transport in complete safety, means of transport in the mountains. Finally, “Bernese Oberland” has soft lakes in store for you, a relief dominated by mountains and waterfalls that will send chills to you. Make good discoveries.